5 Common Medical Malpractice Claims

5 Common Medical Malpractice Claims

5 Common Medical Malpractice ClaimsNegligence on the part of doctors, nurses, hospital staff and other medical professionals is all too common throughout the United States. As many as 440,000 people die under medical care due to negligence in the US every year. While not every medical mistake is malpractice, more often than not, it is. If you or a loved one has been a victim of any of these common medical malpractices, or another issue that warrants concern, be sure to contact a lawyer right away.

Cancer Misdiagnosis

Many cancer tests can result in false negative results, causing patients to be diagnosed with cancer that they don't have. Failure by a doctor to complete follow up tests can result in harm to the patient both emotionally and physically, should they begin to undergo special treatments for the illness.

Negligent Diagnosis

A doctor should never assume the diagnosis of a disease or trauma. If a doctor fails to conduct the proper testing, such as x-rays for a supposed fracture, the patient may end up not healing properly or undergoing incorrect treatment.

Medication Errors

Aside from simply prescribing the wrong medication, one of the most common reasons for medication errors, is a doctor's bad handwriting. If the pharmacist cannot read the Rx they may interpret it to say something it does not. This could cause the patient to get the wrong medication or the wrong dosage of the correct meds, or the wrong instructions for taking the medication, or a combination of all of the above.

Failure to Obtain Informed Consent

If a patient is not fully informed of expected outcomes, potential risks or reasonable alternatives to a certain procedure or other course of action, they may be put at unnecessary risk of damages.

Surgical Errors

Surgical errors occur most often when a doctor is distracted or physically exhausted after being forced to work for long, long hours. Stress, lack of sleep and other issues can result in major complications for the patient under the knife.

Medical malpractice can result in major harm or even death to a patient. If you believe you or a loved one has been the victim of such a case and need a medical malpractice lawyer in Mount Pleasant, Charleston or throughout South Carolina contact Headley Ballard LLC. Our expertise in medical malpractice cases will ensure that you receive any and all compensation that you're owed. To request an initial consultation and to file your South Carolina medical malpractice claim give us a call at (843) 242-0703 today.

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