When can I file a product liability suit?

When can I file a product liability suit?

When can I file a product liability suit?If you've recently been injured by a product you purchased, then you may have a legitimate opportunity to sue the manufacturer for damages. These types of cases sometimes get major media attention---such as with big tobacco or an automotive defect---but there are also plenty of smaller-scale cases that are worthy of legal action.

It can sometimes be difficult to tell whether a particular injury will provide grounds for a product liability lawsuit. Even if it doesn't seem like your injury will qualify, it's still worth consulting a reputable personal injury lawyer so that you can be sure you're not missing out on compensation. Here's a look at three types of product liability suits.

Defective Design

In these cases, the product was manufactured in accordance with the company's plan, but it turns out that there was a design flaw that resulted in a safety hazard. Oftentimes, when there is a defective design that causes injury, there will actually be scores of people seeking compensation because it is a problem affecting the whole product line.

Manufacturing Defect

In these cases, an error during the manufacturing process has created a safety risk. Unlike with defective design lawsuits, in these cases, the product purchased is often one-of-a-kind in its flaw. While the product design may have been perfect, somewhere on the assembly line, a worker made a crucial mistake.

Failure to Provide Proper Warning

You may be able to successfully file this type of lawsuit if the product did not include sufficient warnings or instructions to ensure your safety while using it. For the suit to prevail, it'll need to be clearly true that your injuries were caused by a lack of a warning, rather than a lack of adhering to the warning.

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